Limo Hire for Girls Birthday Party

Hummer Hire for Girls Birthday Party

BOP TILL YOU DROP HUMMER IN A HUMMER Disco Parties (Sydney) – $899


My child thinks she is too old for baby parties so I need something ultra-cool.

We realised that there is not a lot of options for early teens birthday parties. This is why we have designed a Stretch Hummer Disco to create the ultimate hip and stylish birthday party.


The Stretch Hummer will arrive at your location to take the children on a 1 hour ride where you get to choose between a sing and dance ride with karaoke or relax and watch a DVD of your choice through the on-board entertainment system. We also have ‘ultra-cool’ laser lights to create the disco atmosphere.


This party is ideal for 8-16yr olds, however younger children are more than welcome.
The Stretch Hummer holds a maximum of 14 children, plus 1 adult.


2.5 hours in total, this entails:
1 hour – stretch hummer ride
1.5 hours – food break and disco/karaoke party

What happens?

The exciting party will go for 2.5 hours. We will collect all your party guests from a central location in one of our stylish pink Hummer Limo. During the exciting 1 hour ride the children can practice their karaoke songs with disco laser lights to add to the atmosphere or watch a DVD through the on-board entertainment system. Then after a food and drink break where the entertainer will put stylish tattoos on the children, it is time for the real disco to begin. The children will perform on real microphones while the entertainer teaches the rest of the children funky dance routines. We also play party games to break up the disco and keep all the children enthused.


The cost of a 2.5 hour Stretch Hummer Disco Party is $875 White / Black. For Pink Limo Hummer Extra Charge applies.

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pink hummer limo sydney

  • Suited for ages up to 16 years old
  • Up to 14 kids in total (including the birthday girl)
  • Approx. 3 1/2 hours
  • One entertainer from Kids Entertainment Sydney

We pamper all the girls like Hollywood superstars getting them ready for their exclusive stretch hummer ride! We truly make them feel like A-Lister stars for the day!

To top it off each girl will get a Polaroid photo as they are getting into the stretch hummer to make them feel like a superstar being papped by the papparazzi!

Our entertainer rides with the girls and acts as their personal photographer taking photos and videos of all the hummer fun! Mums and Dads get all the photos we take!

Each girl will also get a FREE beauty box filled with an assortment of pamper treats to take home!

Sneak Peek…

Most teenage girls these days spend their free time listening to music, practicing their makeup and of course keeping track of their favourite celebs in magazines secretly wanting to be them! Well now they can feel like their favorite A-Lister celebrities rocking the town in a stretch hummer!!! That’s right Kids Pamper Parties will transform your girls into beautiful Hollywood stars before they enjoy the ride of their life in an amazing stretch hummer.

We will dazzle their nails with sparkling nail polish before giving them a beauty makeover with eye shadow, bronzer, a splash of mascara, some lipstick and of course a face jewel to finish the look. Once their makeovers are complete the girls will walk along the red carpet into the Hummer and spend an hour in the stretch hummer all to themselves! That’s right they can pump the music, have a singstar competition on the on-board PS3 or play their favorite music video clips for the ride. With drinks and nibbles provided for the ride the kids will have everything they need for a fun time. They can cruise around the streets in the hummer having a blast. We will stop somewhere along the ride for a mini photoshoot where girls can have a photo with their head popping out of the hummer sunroof or just outside the hummer doing something fun. Whatever the destination may be they are sure to look amazing when they get there after their Hollywood mini makeovers.

Kids Pamper Parties also join the kids for the ride and take loads of awesome photos to capture all of the fun and games of riding in a stretch hummer! All of the photos will then be sent to mum and dad following the party so they can download, share and cherish the memories! We also cut the cake and sing happy birthday with all the girls after our incredible hummer ride before we hand out their special gifts!

Includes for each party girl

  • Nails painted in their choice of sparkly/ shimmering nail polish
  • Bronzed cheeks
  • Shimmer eye shadow
  • Splash of mascara (this will only be done for older girls)
  • Lipstick
  • Face jewel to top the look off
  • Photo shoot as they are getting in the hummer with a Polaroid of it to take home!
  • The red carpet is rolled out for the girls when they are entering the stretch hummer. They will truly feel like stars with a red carpet entrance!
  • All of the hummer fun captured through video and photos taken by our entertainer who joins them on the ride as their personal photographer!
  • Awesome beauty box filled with gorgeous pamper treats for the girls

Humming in Hollywood party fun includes

  • 1 hour ride in a stretch hummer!
  • One party host to pamper and prep all the girls and get them ready for their hummer ride
  • Polaroid photo shoot as they are getting in the hummer on the red carpet
  • Photoshoot along the ride at a great city or suburban location
  • Red carpet rolled out as they are getting in the hummer
  • Photos and videos taken the entire hummer ride
  • Party music during the makeover
  • All of the party fun that is to be had in the stretch hummer!
  • Soft drink and nibblies such as chips and lollies are provided during the hummer ride.

Birthday girl’s special treats

  • Birthday girl gets a feather boa
  • Polaroid to take home in her beauty box
  • Beauty box filled with awesome pamper treats for the girls

Tips for party set up

  • Parties can be indoors or outdoors (covered area outdoors out of heat and wind for the products and entertainer).
  • Corner of a table needed, dining table height required for pamper treats. Outdoor tables, card tables are suitable. Coffee tables not suitable. If not available our staff will bring a card table.
  • 2 chairs required for pamper treats.
  • All equipment and products are supplied.
  • Power supply is required for the stereo. We will bring an extension cord so only a powerpoint relatively close is required.

All bookings are processed through Humming in a Hummer. CLICK HERE to be directed to their bookings and enquiry page or call 8854 1666 for a booking or inquiry.

Notes and terms & conditions
  • Please be aware that all booking and deposits are done through ‘Humming in a Hummer’. Click here for their contact details.
  • A $200 deposit is required for all bookings and is processed through Humming in a Hummer.
  • Please note that the Hummers used have a maximum capacity of 15 persons therefore each package can include up to 14 girls (our entertainer will be the 15th person). If you as the mother or father wish to ride along this pushes the maximum number of children to 13.
  • Hummers provided are either black or white in colour. We cannot guarantee the colour of the stretch hummer however if you have a specific preference please make a note of this when booking.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any reactions to any of our products.
  • We use known products and do not manufacture any products.
  • Our products are relatively mild and are suitable for young skin.
  • We suggest you have your guests arrive prior to the time we are booked as this will help to ensure everyone has arrived when we start.
  • Our entertainers will arrive 10-15 mins before the start time to setup.
  • Our experience in kids pamper parties has taught us what each age group enjoys. All treats, music and activities are selected to specifically suit the age group. We recommend you choose your party option based on the age that your birthday girl is celebrating.
  • If there are less than 14 guests, our party host will offer extra treats to fill in the time until the hummer arrives.
  • Please ensure there is parking close to the venue for our entertainer to park. If it is paid parking we will need to be reimbursed for the cost.
  • Parties hosts/entertainers are not all beauty therapists but are trained professionally by beauty therapists to ensure on the party day your little girl and her guests are receiving the beauty treatments perfectly.
  • For all kids birthday parties and teenage pamper parties, mothers or caretakers must be present to supervise.
  • Only 1 party host/entertainer is supplied for your party. As you know, children do like to sometimes run off and play or do their own thing, and our party hosts pride themselves on doing a good job, so her attention may be focused on the pampering done at the time. Please be assured however, that our party host will do her best to occupy the children with games and activities whilst the pampering is being done.
  • For all of ‘Humming in a Hummer’s’ terms and conditions please click here.
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