Terms and Conditions


  • We/us: Humming in a Hummer
  • You: the individual/s or company making a reservation, and/or any person or persons’ representative or guest there of.

Change of Address or Pick and Drop Off Times

If any details in terms of pick up or drop off address and /or times change post the time of receiving the deposit more than a 5km radius or 10 minutes within the booked time frame this will need to be re-quoted. We will try our best to accommodate customers however as vehicles are booked well in advance there will be limited scope for change.

General hire, Corporate functions, Group events, Formals etc.

We require a 10% or more agreed deposit on all bookings for each vehicle hired and your booking is confirmed when the deposit is paid in full. The balance is due and payable 10 working days prior to your event, unless otherwise arranged. Credit card details must be given as confirmation to hold a booking. If cancellation is required, the deposit already paid will be forfeited to cover costs incurred. You will have 3 months to reuse the deposit taken for an alternate event. If cancellation occurs indefinitely 1 month or less prior to the booking of the event payment in full will be required.

Wedding car hire: Conditions on Deposit Paid

Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to wedding in writing, by email or fax otherwise the balance of the total hire for the job is required to be paid in full. It should be noted that the deposit already paid will be forfeited to cover costs incurred and it is not transferable. Once you have confirmed and signed your booking form outlining your time allocations for the day, any changes must be given in writing within 30 days of the wedding taking place; otherwise we have the right to refuse any such changes due to our tight booking schedules. All payments made by credit card or direct debit must be paid in full prior to the wedding day; however cash pick-ups are acceptable on the day. So to the payment in full will be required if the job is cancelled less than 1 month prior to the booking.

NOTE: if you have booked a car for a job and you do not show or cancel at the last minute you will be required to

pay for the full price quoted.

Waiting time/Overtime:

Whilst we will accommodate passengers during their travel, overtime and waiting time may be charged in 15 minute increments should the booking go past the finish time of said booking, delays at airports incurring waiting time, and pickups that are late. This charge is to be paid to the Driver at the end of travel in cash at a rate of $95 per 15 minutes.


Our Secret Touch Wedding & Corporate Cars will endeavour to get you to your destination safely, comfortably and on time, however things do happen and allowances must be made for traffic holdups, weather, illness or vehicle breakdowns, etc. We cannot be held liable for those circumstances which our beyond our control. Should there be a mishap or vehicle breakdown, another vehicle will be dispatched to complete your function. Note that our Terms & Conditions also cover subcontract cars and Drivers brought in, in an emergency. No refund will be forthcoming unless Humming In A Hummer is unable to solve the situation or problem at hand.


Our Insurance Policy covers all authorized persons traveling in the vehicle en route to their destination. Unless chauffeur assisted, passengers assume personal liability when entering and exiting vehicle. We reserve the right to demand full compensation for payment of any damage caused by passengers or hiring parties traveling in vehicles.


The person booking the vehicle takes full responsibility that all alcohol brought into the vehicle for consumption whilst en route is done so by persons over 18 years of age.


There is no smoking or any form of contraband permitted to be used in vehicle.


Seat belts are fitted to all vehicles and under current legislation must be applied and fitted by each person travelling in vehicle, unless otherwise authorized. Children and infants travelling in vehicle must adhere to normal child safety restraint rulings as per current R.T.A guidelines.


The driver or operator of the hired vehicle at time of job has the right to refuse any person or persons from car who is behaving badly and the driver has the right to terminate and cancel job at hand without a refund.

Missing or Damaged Equipment or fitting to the vehicle:

If there is any deliberate or malicious damage done to the vehicle, then the repair will be quoted at a cost with an additional administration fee charged by Humming In A Hummer cars.

Repairs to Vehicle:

Any repairs that are required will be appropriately quoted by a qualified repairer.

Cleaning fee:

Any additional cleaning fees due to inappropriate or irrational behaviour will be charge at a flat rate of $350 (this includes carpet steam clean and washes down inside vehicle.)

Privacy Policy:

All personal identifiable information collected is treated in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed in full or in part to anyone other than Humming In A Hummer booking and billing bureau. The technology adapted for Humming In A Hummer use is constantly maintained in order to protect all information collected. At any time, you may request to see what information has been recorded regarding your personally identifiable information.

Credit Card charges:

Payments by Credit card will attract a surcharge as follows: MasterCard and Visa 2%

Note: due to the length of the

new stretch limousines, access into some suburban streets may be restricted and pickup/drop offs at front door may not be achievable.